ZooLights @ Phoenix Zoo, Arizona

We were invited to the ZooLights at the Phoenix Zoo by Affinity Family Care.  We want to say “thank you”.  We had a great time at the Phoenix Zoo.


We are SOOOOOO EXCITED about the ZooLights!!!!   Down Below, Mariko is petting a stingray in the pool at the Stingray Bay.


Markus & I are taking a break from walking…


The Coolest Part of ZooLights is the Dancing Tree Show that has new music, “Music in Motion” and all LED energy-saving lights.  It was definitely better than last year show.  


Markus had fun riding the Carousel…


Another favorite place of Markus’.  He likes to go to is the Gift Shop where they have tons of books to read….


When we were leaving the Phoenix Zoo at 830PM.  There was still a lot of people trying to get in to see the ZooLights.  Unbeweiveable….