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Finally Found It!

I finally found a website/blog that is very simple for a professional photographer like me to show my photography work. Look for more to come. Thank you for visiting the website.

Our Family Turtle, Jade

Meet Our Family Turtle, Jade.  We found her when she was the size of a quarter about a year ago.  Now She is a Beautiful Aquatic Turtle.  Maiko tells me that Jade is a Red-Eared Slider.  She is bigger than the size of my hand.  My wife, Maiko, takes very good care of feeding her and cleaning her aquarium.  Check out the photo below.

Creating a New Look for My Website

Trying to create a new look for my website where I can start featuring a variety of my photographs. I hope everyone like what they see. I am using iWeb and SlideShowPro. Check it out below. Go to: to see the new website. It works very well in Safari, Chrome & Firefox browsers. It may or may not work in the Internet Explorer. If you use the Internet Explorer, let me know it works. I would appreciate your input. Thank you for your support.